Make May while the sun shines

The temperature could hit 26C later today. Photo: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

We've had our warmest weekend of the year so far.

Yesterday St James Park, London saw top temperatures of 25C - but the warmth wasn't just concentrated in the south east. Much of England and Wales had a warm and sunny weekend.

Milton Keynes, Hull, Sheffield and Gravesend all saw 24C and Coventry, Linton-on-Ouse in Yorkshire and Nottingham reached a pleasant-feeling 23C.

Crowds enjoy the heat on Brighton beach in East Sussex. Credit: James Boardman/PA Wire

Before midday today several spots have already reached 24C - making 26C a possibility and the warmest day of the year so far.

Temperatures are a few degrees above average for the time of year - the unseasonably warm, muggy air mostly extending in from the near Continent.

This is in stark contrast to last May which was the coolest since 1996.

A youngster plays in the fountains in Worcester. Credit: David Davies/PA Wire

From today, there'll be something of a breakdown as cloud and thunderstorms develop from the west and drift into central spots.

Expect a similar set-up tomorrow - with the sunshine in shorter supply. The close, muggy air will give way to fresher conditions by midweek.

Enjoy it while it lasts - for most this evening will be perfect for a last minute Monday night BBQ!