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Prince Harry joins tourists for unexpected visit to the Colosseum

While hundreds of tourists might have expected to see some sights at Rome's Colosseum, an unexpected visit from Prince Harry was probably not on their list.

A group of visitors from America and Canada found themselves alongside the prince as a guide explained some of the building's history to him.

Prince Harry takes a look at a piece of Italy's history, much to the amazement of other tourists Credit: Michael Dunlea/PA Wire/Press Association Image

Harry finished off a two-day visit to Rome, where he has been commemorating the Second World War victory at Monte Cassino, with a private tour of the amphitheatre.

The Colosseum was built between 70 and 80 AD and hosted gladiatorial combats, animal hunts and shows for the Roman emperors.

The Prince has been in Italy on an official royal visit to commemorate 70 years since the Second World War victory at Monte Cassino Credit: Michael Dunlea/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Receiving a welcome not dissimilar to the Roman rulers themselves, Harry's appearance at the Colosseum prompted cheers from the higher galleries and shouts of 'Prince Harry!'

The Quenneville family from Canada - who were stood by the royal - described their reaction to his unexpected appearance.

"It was the highlight of our visit.

It was crazy. It was unbelievable. Better than the Colosseum."

– Quenneville family
Much to the bemusement of other visitors, Prince Harry joined tourists for a tour at Rome's Colosseum Credit: Michael Dunlea/PA Wire/Press Association Images

After visiting the Colosseum, Harry continued his tour of Rome's iconic - stopping off at the Trevi Fountain, Campidoglio, Piazza Montecitorio, the Pantheon and Aventine Hill before heading to the airport.

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