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Scudamore's PA: 'His sexist emails reflect wider culture in Premier League'

Rani Abraham leaked the emails after she was deeply offended by their content. Photo: Good Morning Britain/ITV

The personal assistant who leaked emails from Premier League chairman Richard Scudamore riddled with sexist slurs has told Good Morning Britain she did think his correspondence reflected a "wider culture" within football.

Rani Abraham read an email meant for her Scudamore filled with derogatory comments about women's rationality and appearance.

Abraham, 41, said she felt "humiliated, belittled and disgusted."

"I don't think there's anything wrong if you're having a joke in the pub with a friend of yours but it's very different putting it down on paper in an email, especially your work email that someone who is female is going to read," she said.

They're emails that are from a few different people where they will share this joke, and they'll go back and forth with it.

– Rani Abraham

The temporary PA said she felt the emails were reflective of a "wider culture" of sexism within the Premier League.

Abraham worked as a PA for Richard Scudmore for three months late last year when she came across the emails.

Richard Scudamore will find out later today if he is to face disciplinary action. Credit: PA

The Premier League contested Ms Abraham's comments about the wider sexist culture she claimed was endemic in the company.

We do not recognise this characterisation of the working environment at the Premier League, nor do we believe it can be supported by the facts.

The Chief Executive has already apologised for any offence caused and a proper review of the evidence is now underway.

– Premier League

Ms Abraham disputed the Premier League's response as the emails "went through a few different people" and reiterated her belief sexism was part of the working culture.

The Premier League's remuneration committee - which has an all male board - will meet to discuss his fate ahead of a further meeting tomorrow of the FA's Inclusion Advisory board.