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See how this young baseball fan's sleight of hand trick won both the girl and the ball

A young baseball fan at a game in Texas pulled off an impressive sleight of hand trick to win both a female fan and the game ball for himself.

Viewers might need to watch the video more than once to appreciate the trickery employed by the youngster.

Catching the ball thrown into the crowd by Toronto's Luis Rivera, the boy quickly produces another ball from his other hand and offers it to a row of girls behind him, making it look like he has selflessly given up his prize.

The boy charms female fans in the row behind him - but the real game ball is still in his glove. Credit: MLB

But the real game ball is still disguised in his glove, and he takes pleasure in revealing his trick to his pals.

The row of girls laugh at the young charmer - but the boy shares his trick with his friends. Credit: MLB