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Bricks and Murder - Corrie character's final moments recreated in Lego

The four Lego suspects lined up at a builder's yard where Tina meets her end. Photo: SWNS

One of the most compelling soap storylines of recent years has been given a fresh twist with a recreation made out of Lego.

The question of who murdered Coronation Street's Tina McIntyre - played by Michelle Keegan - will be resolved in a climactic episode at the end of this month.

Now staff at Manchester's Legoland Discovery Centre have paid homage to the soap with a plastic brick rendition of Tina's final scene.

Tina McIntyre, played by Michelle Keegan, opposite Peter Barlow, one of the murder suspects, played by Chris Gascoyne. Credit: Eamonn and James Clarke

The Lego builders have also demonstrated a comic touch - making up Lego 'mugshots' of each of the four suspects in the murder - Carla Barlow, Peter Barlow, Rob Donovan and Tracy Barlow.

The soap's creators have filmed four different endings and asked viewers to predict who they think will kill Tina.

Keegan, 26, announced she was leaving the show in November but was persuaded to stay on for the first half of 2014 for her character's dramatic finale.

Peter Barlow, who had an affairs with Tina McIntyre. Credit: SWNS
Peter's stepsister Tracy is another possible killer. Credit: SWNS
Tracy's boyfriend and Carla's younger brother, Rob Donovan. Credit: SWNS
Peter Barlow's wife Carla is also a suspect. Credit: SWNS