Police probe Ukip Newark candidate after assault claim

Photograph showing the alleged incident.
oger Helmer MEP, Ukip's candidate for the Newark by-election, has denied the claims. Credit: ITV News/Paul Brand

Ukip's candidate for the Newark by-election has denied claims he assaulted a protester while he was on campaign trail.

Roger Helmer, who is currently the MEP for East Midlands, disputed the allegations made on Twitter by Labour MP John Mann.

Mr Mann tweeted:


Ukips Roger Helmer broke off press interview to lunge across precinct at expenses protestor in Retford this afternoon


Ukip Roger Helmer picked wrong protestor to wrestle with: police cttee member with severed arm from industrial injury. Today in Retford


Two years ago he nearly lost his arm in the steelworks, today he faced Roger Helmer's anger at being questioned on expenses

Shortly afterwards Mr Helmer, who is currently MEP for the East Midlands, wrote on the social networking site:


Rent-a-Mob complain of no public meeting in Retford but we've done 20+ across the East Mids. Other parties none.


Sorry to spoil a good rumour, but I'm afraid I have not been arrested by the police.

ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand, who has seen video of the alleged incident, then spoke to Mr Helmer:


Just spoke to @rogerhelmermep who denies tweets from @johnmannmp claiming he assaulted a protestor in Newark. We have video, but unclear.

He later wrote:


This is about as good as the @rogerhelmermep scuffle gets from what we have. A push and shove over a megaphone. http://t.co/M0EPpBf2sQ


This is about as hands on as it gets - @rogerhelmermep in rosette. Could say protestors were goading him. http://t.co/en16R203hj


Asked about the alleged incident, the local police force said they were "making enquiries":


Police re @rogerhelmermep: "Making enquiries following report of dispute in Retford. Working to establish circumstances. No one arrested."