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Shocking twist to grip Coronation Street: Spoiler alert

Coronation Street's Tina McIntyre. Photo: ITV

Coronation Street's Tina McIntyre will be attacked and left for dead next week on Coronation street, and her brutal end will begin a murder hunt which will grip Weatherfield.

Tina - played by Michelle Keegan - will be seen falling from a balcony at the builders' yard after a dramatic confrontation with her killer in scenes to be screened by ITV next week.

Tina McIntrye, played by Michelle Keegan, as she plunges to the cobbles from the balcony of the builders' yard. Credit: ITV

Tina has long been living dangerously and upsetting many people on the street.

She has been having an affair with Peter Barlow, whose wife is pregnant, and in the days leading up to her death she believes she has persuaded him to run away with her.

In the build up to the death on May 27, viewers will have a chance to watch four alternative showdowns with potential suspects - Peter Barlow, Carla Barlow, Rob Donovan and Tracy Barlow, available online. Each have their reasons:

Peter Barlow

Played by actor Chris Gascoyne, Barlow has been having an affair with Tina, behind the back of his pregnant wife. Gascoyne said:

Peter is a weak man who has made many, many mistakes in his time. Is he capable of murder?

Well maybe if it was an accident. He really should make a clean break from Tina and the relationship in order to concentrate on rebuilding his relationship with Carla and prove to her that he will be a good father to their baby.

Carla Barlow

Played by Alison King, Carla is the wronged wife who may try to wreak revenge. King said:

Carla has stuck by Peter through thick and thin and Tina has been her friend throughout it all - or so she thought. When she discovers the truth about Peter and Tina it will destroy her.

Carla will want answers but when she confronts Tina emotions will be running high and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Rob Donovan

Played by Marc Baylis, Tina has been threatening to expose Rob's dodgy financial dealings. Baylis said:

Ever since his brief fling with Tina, Rob has been very wary of her. He has managed to win Tracy back and their business is on the up, but he knows that Tina could bring it all crashing down.

Rob is not someone who is afraid of confrontation and will be determined to try and persuade Tina to keep quiet about both the affair and what she knows about the business. If she refuses then who knows what could happen.

Tracy Barlow

Played by Tracy Ford, Tracy is Tina's arch-enemy, who has never forgiven her for trying to steal her man. Ford said:

Tracy has committed murder before and got away with it and she certainly takes no prisoners when it comes to getting revenge on people who have wronged her.

Then next Wednesday, a day after her death, there will be another "shocking twist" as police begin to investigate who is responsible.