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Not so grim up North: The top 10 happiest places to live in Britain

Cresent Gardens, Harrogate, which will feature on Stage 1 of the Tour de France between Leeds and Harrogate on Saturday July 5th. Credit: PA

A North Yorkshire spa town has won the title of "happiest place to live in Britain", according to a major new report.

A survey of nearly 50,000 people by property website Rightmove found those living up north were generally happier with their surroundings than someone living in an upmarket part of the south.

Proving it's not so grim up north, Hull and Preston residents emerged as far more content that those living in Twickenham, London or Oxford.

East London won the dubious title of unhappiest place to live, with residents complaining of a lack of neighbourliness and said they were unhappy with the way their home was decorated.

The 10 happiest places to live in Britain are:

(10) Telford, West Midlands

The Iron Bridge, near Telford, is a World Heritage site. Credit: PA

(9) Truro, South West

Truro, in Cornwall, hosts an annual lights procession before the Christmas lights are switched on. Credit: PA

(8) Preston, North West

Preston has rules against swearing in the town centre. Credit: PA

(7) Hull, Yorkshire and the Humber

A sunlit Holy Trinity Church in Hull city centre is reflected in nearby a office building Credit: PA

(6) Norwich, East Anglia

Norwich was founded just after the Norman conquest and is famous for its cathedral. Credit: PA

(5) Falkirk, Scotland

Scotland's biggest art installation, the Kelpie horse heads, are near Falkirk. Credit: PA

(4) Stockport, North West

St George's Church in Stockport under heavy snow. Credit: PA

(3) Taunton, South West

Royal Marine unit 40 Commando parade through Taunton town centre to celebrate their return from Afghanistan. Credit: PA

(2) Inverness, Scotland

Inverness castle overlooking the River Ness. Credit: PA

(1) Harrogate, Yorkshire and the Humber

Harrogate was the happiest place to live in Britain. Credit: PA

And here are the 10 least happy places to live, according to Rightmove (all 10 regions are in London):

(10) West London

(9) South East London

(8) Harrow

(7) North London

(6) Enfield

(5) Twickenham

(4) East Central London

(3) Croydon

(2) Ilford

(1) East London