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Mum describes joy as unborn twins beat the odds by surviving chemo

Sarah Pierce had used IVF to conceive before she was handed the cancer diagnosis. Photo: Good Morning Britain/ITV

A mum described her joy as her unborn twins beat the odds and survived months of chemotherapy while in the womb and were born fit and healthy to two very happy parents.

Sarah Pierce told Good Morning Britain she was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 16 weeks pregnant with twins Jack and Lily Starkey.

Her only treatment option was aggressive chemotherapy, but she would risk the lives of her unborn children if she went through with it.

Sarah had struggled to conceive, so was "devastated" by the diagnosis and the thought of what it might do to her children.

We just wanted them to be safe. Obviously we worried that they were going to be in some kind of danger, but everybody reassured us they were going to be perfectly healthy.

– Sarah Pierce

Doctors told her that the chemotherapy should be safe as she was past her first trimester.

However, medics said if they had caught the cancer a few weeks earlier, they would have recommended terminating the babies.

Experts say they have never known of a mother having chemotherapy while pregnant with twins before.

40-year-old Sarah is now waiting to have reconstructive surgery but has been given the all clear.