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Chanel and Dior may be ordered to take out allergens from famous scents

The famous perfume may have to be reformulated, to take out potentially dangerous allergens. Photo: Reuters

Chanel and Dior may need to be reformulate some of their most famous fragrances under new EU rules concerning the use of chemicals that potentially cause allergies in perfume.

Chanel No 5 and Dior's Miss Dior, contain three of the chemical elements within their makeup, and they may have to reformulate under the new rules.

Both companies have been working on using altered versions, stripped of the molecules atranol and chloratranol, regarded as potential allergens, but there are concerns their signature scent may be compromised.

ITV News' Sejal Karia reports:

A 2012 advisory report into potential harmful health impacts of 12 ingredients commonly used in perfumes recommended severely limiting the use of 12 ingredients, however just three are now likely to be banned and a new investigation into the other 9 will be launched.

The three ingredients that face a banning order are:

  • Citral
  • Atranol
  • Chloroatranol

The three chemicals have been deemed dangerous in the current levels they exist within the perfumes, and the EU Commission have ruled they must go.

A spokesman for Chanel told The Telegraph:

Adapting is a challenge but it is precisely the talent of our 'nose' to be able to preserve the qualities and olfactive [scent] identity of our perfumes while also taking into account new regulatory constraints.

Other new rules to be debated by the EU will concern the number of ingredients perfume makers must list on their label - with the current number 28 tipped to be increased to more than 80.