'Forgotten' by Google? Forget it...

The search engine giant has a number of hurdles for anyone hoping to have negative references removed. Photo: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Google has now put its "right to forget" form online.

This follows a ruling in the European Court that people are entitled to get web references to them erased where they are unfair, outdated and objectionable.

I've seen the form and there are some big problems for anyone who wants to be forgotten.

Google has only said it will 'consider' deleting references to individuals. Credit: Edward Smith/EMPICS Entertainment

Google only says it will "consider" deletion of references and it also posts a list of exemptions (such as professional misconduct and criminal behaviour) where they won't erase.

They also give no time deadline for them taking any action.

It is also likely that versions of Google search outside your home territory will continue to show the material. So your real chance of being deleted from Google....forget it!