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D-Day veterans meet their US allies ahead of anniversary celebrations

British D-Day veterans and their American allies, all in their 80s and 90s, visited the Normandy landings boats at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in Hampshire, ahead of the 70th anniversary commemorations of the invasion which changed the course of the Second World War.

Many of the veterans will travel to France for the anniversary celebrations.

ITV News Correspondent Neil Connery reports:

Jim Baker, 91, from Blackpool, a Royal Marine Commando, was involved in the second wave on Juno Beach on D-Day and went on to make 22 landings bringing American troops to the shore.

He said that he felt privileged to meet the US veterans who travelled to the UK for the celebrations.

"It's a chance to meet the men who gave the present generation their freedom, those guys they may not look very much now but by God, they did the job, I am very glad to be associated with them," Mr Baker said.

The US veterans travelled to the UK through the Remember Those Who Served, The Greatest Generations Foundation.

Brian McManus, 87, a Merchant Navy veteran, said he was only 17-year old when he took part in the landing.

Basil Woolf, 91, from Dunedin, Florida, who landed on Sword Beach during the invasion 70 years ago, said: "I am very happy to be here, I could have been under the ground like the rest of them so it's good to be here."

Veterans in the UK and around the world are preparing to gather in northern France to commemorate the anniversary. The Normandy landings were the largest airborne and amphibious assault in military history and marked a turn in WW2 against Hitler.

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