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Football fans can feel World Cup heat as stadium recreates Brazil conditions in Britain

The temporary venue in London's Docklands emulates the humid conditions of Brazil. Photo: ITV News

A five-a-side football arena that replicates the Brazilian climate has been installed at temporary venue in London.

The Condition Zone, set up in the Docklands, gives people a taste of the tough conditions England's World Cup players will face in their opening match in nine days.

It's 32 degrees and 76% humidity in Brazil - and in London's 'Condition Zone' football venue. Credit: ITV News

Veteran England player Alan Shearer paid a visit to the venue and told ITV News how playing a match in the heat of Kuala Lumpur forced him off the pitch after 70 minutes with "nothing left inside me".

Alan Shearer had a kick-about in the muggy conditions at the temporary football arena. Credit: ITV News

Professor John Brewer, a Sports Scientist, explained: "As soon as you start to play football your body temperature rises and you need to lose that by sweating - but the problem in hot and humid conditions is it's very hard to lose heat.

"Sweat drips off the body rather than evaporates, meaning the body temperature rises and players sweat very heavily and dehydrate. Their heart rate increases too, so it becomes much much harder to play football in these conditions."

ITV News Sports Correspondent Ian Payne reports from the 'Condition Zone':