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If we were Syrian: Campaigners launch new website issuing stark warnings

The entire population of London would have fled the city. Photo: If We Were Syrian

Campaigners have launched a stark new website to show how people living in G7 countries would fare if the Syrian crisis took place in their own countries.

According to If We Were Syrian, 160,000 people have died since the conflict began in 2011 and over nine million people have been displaced.

That would mean the entire population of Reading would no longer exist, and everyone living in London would have fled.

The entire population of Reading would have been wiped out Credit: Google Maps

This also means:

  • One million people from Liverpool and Sunderland would have also fled.
  • 8.3 million Londoners would have left the capital.
  • Of that total, 6.5 million would head to Wales, Midlands and Scotland.
  • Almost five million children would be forced to leave their homes - meaning every primary and nursery school student in England by 2020, could no longer attend school.
  • While 2.8 million people would register as refugees across Ireland and Europe.
  • Over 10,000 children would have died in Reading.

Initiated by Canadian journalists Shannon Gormley and Drew Gough, the website also addresses how France, Italy, Japan, US, Canada and Germany would be affected. They said:

Since we can’t fathom the scale of the crisis, we’re not doing enough about it—not opening our borders enough, and not giving enough aid.

But if we could imagine the crisis in our own country, we might support the people of Syria with greater resolve.

– If We Were Syrian
The campaign has highlighted how G7 countries would fare. Credit: If We Were Syrian

According to the site:

  • In the US, everyone in Syracuse in the state of New York State would be dead while everyone in New York City would have fled.
  • In Italy, 12 of the biggest cities including Rome, Milan, and Venice would be deserted while everyone would have died in Livorno.
  • In Canada, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and all of the maritime cities would be deserted while the entire population of Sudbury would have been wiped out.
  • In Japan, central Tokyo would be emptied, and the population of Arayusu would have been killed.
  • In France, the populaces of Cannes and Avignon would have been wiped out, while 37 of the biggest cities would be deserted.
  • In Germany, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Dortmund would be empty, while the total population of Leverkusen would have been killed.