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Exhausted fawn rescued from flooded creek by onlookers

A fawn was rescued by onlookers in Kansas City when firefighters failed to pull the deer out of deep water in a flooded creek, CBS News pictures show.

Firefighters were called to the scene but failed to get the fawn to safety because of the fast flowing waters of the creek which were deemed too dangerous.

Rescuers capture the stranded fawn. Credit: YouTube

After struggling for more than an hour the fawn, now clearly exhausted managed to rest in the waters which were beginning to recede and gave the onlookers the chance to grab it to safety.

The fawn is eventually caught and taken out of the water. Credit: YouTube

The Lakeside Nature Centre, in Kansas City, confirmed the deer had been rescued and brought in.

Despite its ordeal the deer was wet and tired but showed no signs of obvious trauma.