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Real or fake? Video of 'close call' with Great White Shark in Sydney Harbour

A video said to show one man's "close call" with a Great White Shark in Sydney Harbour has caused a major online debate - is it real or is it fake?

Warning: This video contains some swearing at the end

The unverified YouTube video, posted on the site by "Terry Tufferson," has already reached over a million hits since it was posted yesterday.

Before the jump: He was said to be filmed leaping off Jump Rock in Collin Beach. Credit: YouTube/Terry Tufferson

Sydney newspaper The Daily Telegraph reports that the man in the clip filmed himself leaping from "a notorious jumping spot" called Jump Rock at Collin Beach.

A friend looks on before he makes the jump into the harbour. Credit: YouTube/Terry Tufferson

It's not long before his friend is pointing at something in the distance and the GoPro camera strapped to his head appears to pick up an unwelcome visitor.

The shark can just be seen in the left-hand corner. Credit: YouTube/Terry Tufferson

The footage's detractors, many of whom have posted comments underneath the YouTube clip, say that when the camera dips under the water there is some "clever and scary editing".

The Great White Shark seemingly poses for the camera. Credit: YouTube/Terry Tufferson

Some highlight the low resolution of the footage - 480 pixels - suggesting it is easier to splice video together without the viewer noticing.

The shark makes a sharp turn to its right. Credit: YouTube/Terry Tufferson

There are those who say the shark's position "jumps" to right 59 seconds into the video and others saying the man "would be more out of breath" after the experience.

A hand appears to lash out at the unwelcome visitor. Credit: YouTube/Terry Tufferson

But there are other viewers who believe the "close call" video to be real, asking its detractors to show "where the 'edits' are".

Which then decides to swim away. Credit: YouTube/Terry Tufferson

One user Jim Munro writes, "I cannot see ow this could have been faked. It looks like a man with a GoPro has encountered a small shark in Sydney Harbour."

The last frame of the YouTube clip after the jumper crawls out of the water. Credit: YouTube/Terry Tufferson

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