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World Cup: Psychic penguins and 'England Street'

As the World Cup is about to begin, an ITV News poll has shown that just 3% of people surveyed believe England have a chance of lifting the coveted trophy.

But many of those 3% are not shy about displaying their support.

Residents of Wales Street in Oldham are so sure of England's chances in Brazil they have changed its name to England Street for the duration of the tournament.

Wales Street in Oldham is now England Street. Credit: ITV News

While England Street keeps its fingers crossed that this could be their year, penguins in Birmingham are promoting optimism in the national team.

Jumping on a rock with the England flag means the team is headed for success.

A penguin in Birmingham chooses England as the winner of this Saturday's game. Credit: ITV News

While most people are skeptical of England's chances, that won't stop them changing their routines during the World Cup, they admitted in the ITV News survey.

13% of respondents said they will pull a sickie from work to recover from an England match.

13% of people admitted they'll skip work to recover from an England match during the World Cup. Credit: ITV News

And 23% said they plan to leave work early to catch the games.

ITV News reporter Ben Chapman rounds up the bizarre ways both animals and humans are preparing:

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