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Giant Lord Of The Rings orc surprises supermarket shoppers

At one point the Lord Of the Rings orc scared a couple of girls from behind the shop window. Credit: YouTube/OlivierRichters

Shoppers in Holland were shocked to see a giant Lord Of The Rings monster wandering through the supermarket while they bought their groceries.

Most laughed and some were scared away when they came face to face unexpectedly with a 7ft 2in Uruk-Hai orc from the fantasy films based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s books.

The video shows the monster taking the lift and then queuing up patiently to buy some milk and an orange fluffy toy while fellow shoppers stare and take photos of him.

The man wearing the costume turned out to be Dutch bodybuilder Olivier Richters, who volunteered to dress up for the stunt to help with a student's graduation project.

Ritchers posted the video on YouTube and said: "This make-up was made by 'Rossanne Puck Aefjes' for her graduation assignment. We went to the shopping mall afterwards to see the reaction of random people to the costume, just for fun."

YouTube user Oleg Schäfer was impressed by the prank and wrote: "I like that he doesn't try to prank other people excessive but simply just goes through the store minding his own business."