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Claims of shocking treatment at Welsh hospital

The Princess of Wales hospital in Bridgend is at the centre of claims of neglect. Photo: ITV News

By Rupert Evelyn, ITV News Correspondent

For the first time a nurse still working for the Health Board (ABMU) that runs the the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend has spoken out.

The whistleblower, who has chosen to remain anonymous, claims to have witnessed shocking examples of neglect inside the hospital.

Her allegations date back to 2012 but she suggests to ITV News that many issues are on-going.

Patients are said to have been hit, left to lie in their own excrement and when concerns were raised management told staff to "zip-it" and keep quiet.

Allegations of poor care continue to surface from The Princess of Wales hospital. 12 nurses are currently suspended over allegations of neglect within the hospital.

Responding to the claims made to ITV News the health board said "We are very distressed to hear the allegations made by this anonymous former member of staff.

Early last year the Health Board became increasingly aware of problems at the Princess of Wales Hospital and began introducing urgent measures to improve patient care.

The Andrews Report, published last month, outlined a number of historic issues of poor care at the hospital, as well as some ongoing poor practice.

We have accepted all the report’s recommendations and are now carrying out massive cultural change and training programmes".