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Hundreds of young children having teeth removed 'because of sugary drinks'

Dentists pointed to parents who put custard and coke in their child's bottle for the rise in tooth decay. Photo: Good Morning Britain/ITV

Hundreds of young children are having their teeth removed because parents are feeding them too many sweets and sugary drinks, according to dentists.

Good Morning Britain spoke to a dentist who had sent a one-year-old to the hospital to have four teeth removed because their tooth decay had become so bad.

British Dental Health Foundation figures also paint a picture of poor dental hygiene in Britain's youngsters - one in three children will have dental decay by the time they hit five.

Dental problems are becoming a common cause behind hospital admissions in the under-17s. Credit: Good Morning Britain/ITV

North of the border, 14% of Scottish children have had a tooth extracted by the age of five.

The latest NHS data backed up this trend - dental problems are now the fourth most common reason young people under 17 are admitted to hospital.

Reporter Nick Dixon went to a dentist's surgery in Rochdale to investigate.

Dentist Francisco Casserley from the Roch Valley Practice explained:

We saw one yesterday, a child of the age one, who we had to refer to have four teeth out under a general anaesthetic.

We had incidents last week where parents put custard into their child's bottle. Coke is not uncommon for them to put in the bottle.

– Francisco Casserley