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30 years on from Orgreave, a delay on inquiry decision

Police confront the miners at Orgreave, 18 June 1984. Photo: ITV News

It was 30 years ago today that fighting broke out between police and striking miners at Orgreave in South Yorkshire.

The arguments still rage about police tactics that day.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is looking into whether there should be an investigation.

Today it said reaching a decision is taking longer than expected, but that it is close to making an announcement.

A policeman tackles a miner. Credit: ITV News

Orgreave was the biggest single conflict of the miners' strike - three decades may have passed but feelings still run strong on both sides.

90 people were arrested on 18 June 1984, though charges were later dropped because evidence was deemed unreliable.

Many more were injured, and even now both sides insist they were in the right.

You'd see some incidents where there were four policemen grabbing hold of one man, and not just picking him up and dragging him but belting him with a truncheon at the same time.

– Ian Hardy, former miner on the Orgreave picket line
Mounted police charge at the miners. Credit: ITV News

We were doing what we'd been trained to do on numerous occasions.

So it then became an adrenalin rush and one where, apart from your own personal safety and the safety of your colleagues, we were there to achieve an objective. ... I don't think essentially it was wrong.

– Bob Bird, former policeman who was on duty at Orgreave
A policeman struggles with two miners on the ground. Credit: ITV News

Today the Orgreave coking plant is long gone and the site redeveloped. But for those involved in the fight, what happened is impossible to forget.

The Orgreave cokery site in 2014 - undergoing redevelopment. Credit: ITV News