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Window cleaner chased bank robber with fire extinguisher

Eagle-eyed James spotted the fake gun the bank robber was using to intimidate staff. Photo: Good Morning Britain/ITV

A window cleaner who foiled a bank robber after spotting that he was carrying a fake gun described how he was threatened after he had a "few choice words" with the man, before chasing him up the street armed with a fire extinguisher.

After successfully knocking him off his bike by lobbing the fire extinguisher at him, James Rowley, from Surrey, restrained him until police arrived.

The CCTV showed James looking very calm in the face of a bank robbery. Credit: Good Morning Britain/ITV

He will been commended for his bravery at the Police Public Bravery Awards at the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) ceremony tomorrow evening.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, dad-of-two James said he was in a bit of a bad mood when he went into the shop, as he was running around trying to get paid by various customers that owed him money.

James had popped into the bank to pay some money in and was in a rush when the robbery began to unfold.

He had been trying to pay his bills when a man in a crash helmet strolled into the bank, pulled out a gun. After confronting the man with a barrage of "choice words", he was threatened by the robber.

James said he knew the gun was fake when the robber shouted to "bring the other gun". He then held the man until police arrived.

I chased him up the road with a fire extinguisher...throwing it at him, calling him a few more words as I was chasing him. He was on a push bike going up the road.

His getaway vehicle was up the top. It was a plumbing van. So he would have thrown it in the back of the van, he would have gone and the police would never, ever have caught him.

– James Rowley

The robber, Andrew Fernandez, was jailed for life on Monday at Kingston Crown Court.

After arresting him, police linked him to two other bank robberies around London, and he pleaded guilty to two counts of robbery and one of attempted robbery.

The window cleaner has won a number of bravery awards. Credit: Good Morning Britain/ITV

James, who was presented with £1,200 from the sheriffs fund for his bravery, also received a commendation for his actions by Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley.