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Video shows 'poorly organised' Iraq army troops failing to stop Isis advance into Mosul

The Iraqi army are seen making a retreat in Mosul. Credit: ITV News

Exclusive footage obtained by ITV News shows well-equipped but disorderly Iraqi army forces failing to halt the advance of Isis into Mosul on 8th June, as the Islamist group began its push into Iraq.

The Iraqi Army heavily outnumbered Isis fighters at the beginning of the attack on the northern city yet still lost Mosul to the Islamists.

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The clips show Iraqi soldiers firing at unseen Islamist fighters, who two days later raised the black flag of Isis above the city.

Filmed from inside the ranks of the Iraqi army, the video shows men firing poorly-aimed shots at targets in the city centre. There are a few rumbles of heavier weapons as smoke rises from nearby buildings.

During a lull in the gunfire, the troops shout "We will win! We will win!" in Arabic, confident in their abilities to overcome the insurgents as commanders look on.

All are unaware that the Iraqi army would soon be forced into retreat, abandoning their weapons, equipment and uniforms as they fled a numerically inferior enemy.

Later images show a fire burning near a mosque used by Christians and Muslims for a number of cross-community events. It is believed that the burning building was a local police station, torched by Isis militants as the Iraqi army beat a hasty retreat ahead of them.

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