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Novelist sparks Twitter row after killing rabbit for eating her parsley

Novelist Jeanette Winterson caught, killed and ate a rabbit (not pictured) that had been eating parsley in her garden. Credit: PA

Writer Jeanette Winterson has stood by her decision to post a picture of a wild rabbit she caught, killed and skinned after ensnaring it in her garden.

The animal, the author of Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit explained, had been munching on her homegrown herbs and vegetables.

She caught the offending animal in a cage and later posted images on Twitter of its carcass before and after cooking, sparking a debate among her followers.

The 54-year-old former vegetarian insisted that she had destroyed the animal humanely, adding: "Rabbits look cute but the eco-balance is out this year."

While some of the novelist's followers praised her for decisive action, she faced criticism from others over the nature of the images.

Yoyo Wan said: "You are sickening! I despise you for praising yourself and feeling proud for killing the poor rabbit."

Another Twitter user Elaine Harry wrote: "Please consider not eating meat. No matter how humane or 'eco' the death, animals are still souls without a voice."

A defiant Winterson posted images of her cat eating the rabbit's entrails and the vegetables in her garden that had been destroyed by the animal.

She tweeted: "Rabbits! At pest level they must be culled. This year is pest level in the countryside. Rabbits are sold @ market. Why not eat what u catch?"