Susie Wolff: 'I'm out to be the best F1 driver'

Williams Formula One test-driver Susie Wolff. Credit: Reuters

In two weeks time Susie Wolff will take to the Silverstone race track in a Formula One Practice session - the first woman in the modern era to do so.

The sport has changed massively since women first took part over two decades ago and Susie has worked hard to gain her place on July 4th.

I traveled down to Silverstone to meet the 32 year old who was doing some work with her Williams team at the race track, and speak to her about her ambition to make it onto the grid.

Before we did that however I got a taste of the sport which has had Susie hooked from the age of 8. She took me round the famous British Grand Prix circuit in a 'Hypersonic' race car, hitting a top speed of 170mph.

One of the most terrifying and thrilling experiences I've had. And not content with showing her skills behind the wheel, Susie then took me and my cameraman Keith for a spin in a top of the range Mercedes CLS 63AMG - reaching a speed of 140mph.

If I tell you the wheels were smoking when we got back to the pit lane you get the idea.

When I thanked Susie for taking the time to scare me witless it was clear that she still gets as much of a thrill out of her sport as people experiencing it for the first time.

It's hard to think of a more male dominated sport than motor racing but Susie dismisses having suffered any sexism and says she doesn't like being judged by her gender.

The pair about to head out on the track at Sliverstone. Credit: ITV News

''If I didn't think I had a chance against men I wouldn't be out there on the track but I'm not on a crusade to show what a woman can achieve on a race track against a man, I'm simply out there to be the best racing driver.''

Susie is aiming to make the grid at a Grand Prix within the next two years.

Susie Wolff talks to ITV News' Debi Edward earlier. Credit: ITV News

''That's my goal that's what I'm working hard towards. and I wouldn't be working hard towards it if I didn't think it was achievable.'' Her love of speed and cars comes from her parents.

Her father raced motorbikes and owned a shop in her home town of Oban in the Western Highlands.

''My mum met my Dad when she went to his shop to buy her first motorbike so she's also someone who loves adrenaline and speed and from the age of two I had my first quad bike and from the age of eight my first go kart so it was somehow in the blood. ''

Susie told me that in the face of critics she lets her driving to do the talking and she'd like to think that when she's behind the wheel with her helmet on nobody can tell she's a woman. It shouldn't matter.

She hopes to prove that at Silverstone in two weeks time.