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Duck 'stampede' stops traffic in Thailand

As many as 100,000 ducks have been pictured streaming through a Thai street in what has been described as a "mass revolt".

Tens of thousands of ducks are thought to have been pictured in the rush. Credit: Jack Sarathan/Facebook

The footage, first posted on Facebook by Jack Sarathan, shows the birds pouring down the road in Bang Len district, around 45 miles from Bangkok.

In the video, a driver is seen complaining that he needs to get to work but is being delayed by the rogue avians.

It is unclear what caused the surge, but it has been suggested that a farmer had been taking the ducks to find food when they broke loose.

The outbreak was described as a "mass revolt" in search of food. Credit: Jack Sarathan/Facebook

According to a translation from the Bangkok Post, Mr Sarathan said: "I'm not sure why these ducks are in revolt. You can see the great mass of ducks swarming on the road. They have now occupied the area entirely".

The "great mass" is thought to be a reference to the recent uprisings in Thailand which sought to remove the now-toppled government of Yingluck Shinawatra.

The driver endured a frustrating wait to get to work.

Whatever the cause, the good news is that no ducks were reported harmed following the breakout.