Facebook outage: The best #WhenFacebookWasDown tweets

Twitter users took the opportunity to show off their wit after Facebook's brief outage today, with the hashtag #WhenFacebookwasdown trending worldwide.

Among the efforts were plenty of gags about the incessant Candy Crush requests and tedious status updates some of Facebook's users have become notorious for.

Here are some of the best efforts the Twittersphere had to offer:


#WhenFacebookWasDown I traveled the world, learned a new language, read books and raised a child. now im back online. refreshing.


#WhenFacebookWasDown I saw a man in my livingroom. he told me he is my dad..he seems quite a good man :)


#WhenFacebookWasDown I rang all my friends and asked them to tell me when they got to the gym.


#WhenFacebookWasDown I couldn't tell if your Nandos was normal, or if it was a "cheeky" one


#whenfacebookwasdown I pulled a sad face at my friend. When he asked what's up I said I don't want to talk about it.


#WhenFacebookWasDown I had salesman at my door asking me if I wanted to play candy crush

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