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Fish-eating spiders discovered by scientists

Scientists say they have recorded more than 80 incidences of fish eating semi-aquatic spiders observed at the fringes of shallow freshwater streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, swamps, and fens.

Fish eating spiders discovered by scientists Credit: Plos

Evidence that fish predation by semi-aquatic spiders is geographically widespread, occurring on all continents except Antarctica, researchers say.The phenomenon appears to be more common in warmer areas with fish captured by spiders, usually ranging from 2–6 cm in length.

The spiders have been observed eating fish. Credit: Plos

Fish predation has been witnessed in more than a dozen spider species with the majority from the "Dolomedes" and "Nilus" families.Water spider's have also been observed eating fish, with some spider special using powerful poisons to kill fish much bigger than them.

There were numerous incidents of spiders catching fish. Credit: Plos

Bradley Pusey from the University of Western Australia and Martin Nyffeler from the University of Basel in Switzerland gathered and documented numerous incidents of spiders catching fish.