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Labour Party 'owler as their Twitter account is hacked

In an online 'owler, the Labour press team's Twitter account was apparently hacked today, advocating owl ownership across the United Kingdom.

The tweet suggesting everyone should have an owl. Credit: Twitter/Labour Press Team

The hacker also tweeted a link to a video, showing a Japanese White Faced Owl perched preciously on a persons hand, while they drew shapes with a pen.

The Labour team did respond to the owl fiasco after twenty minutes, by saying they are "out of the woods now," after the very brief account hacking.

It is still unclear how the account was hacked and by whom.

The press office also tried to make light of the incident, suggesting it was a policy that was aimed at wooing voters.

The tweet said: "We had hoped our compulsory owl guarantee would be a head turning policy, but sadly it's no longer going to take flight. #tweettwoo"

One of the owls the Labour party has suggested we all own. Credit: Patrick Pleul/DPA/PA

Twitter users were quick to jump on this apparent breach of security at the Labour office: