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Dash for cash! Millionaire leaves money in parks for strangers

One lucky winner during a previous round of Hidden Cash shows off his prize. Photo: Good Morning Britain/ITV

An American millionaire who left a trail of cash on the streets of American cities for total strangers to find has brought his treasure hunt to the UK, and given out the first clue to its whereabouts on Good Morning Britain.

Benevolent property magnate Jason Buzi has hid nearly $15,000 across various American cities over the last three weeks before tweeting clues as to their whereabouts to his thousands of followers.

The San Francisco native has now come to the UK to start another treasure hunt across London.

For the past three weeks, Buzi and his team have hidden nearly $15,000 in small sums around California cities and tweeted clues about their locations.

The campaign grew into a social media phenomenon, with thousands of people participating in the viral scavenger hunt.

It was not all easy money for his twitter followers - they had to decipher the clues and fight off competitors before they could grab the cash.

The 43-year-old will be leaving 20 envelopes each containing £100 across London parks and he gave out his first cryptic clue during his interview.

The first clue is:

It's going to be a large space, where green meets blue.

– Jason Buzi

There are also plans to take the treasure hunt to Madrid and Paris in the coming weeks.

The self made millionaire maintains he is trying to give back after a successful career in real estate.

It's fun to see how excited people get and how much fun they're having with it, and also the good that comes out of it.

People saying they are going to pay it forward, that it paid for someone groceries, it paid for someone's gas or petrol as you call it in the UK.

– Jason Buzi