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Motorcyclist survives crash despite 'cartwheeling' through the air

Michael Smith seen flying through the air. Photo: Clearwater Police Department

A motorcyclist miraculously managed to escape unscathed from a road accident after cartwheeling through the air.

Michael Smith - who was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash - flew over the front of his bike before getting straight back up.

He is then seen wandering around in the middle of the junction in Clearwater, Florida as a shocked motorist leaves his car to check on Mr Smith.

Clearwater Police Department released dramatic footage of the collision which happened in May on their Facebook page.

The lucky biker later admitted he "cheated death", telling Fox 13: "I have eight lives left. I used the one that day.

"I had to brace for impact. I knew there was no way I was dodging it, laying down the bike, there was none of that.

"I just let it all go from there," he continued.

"I was upside down, and I had my shades on and I was like yo. I could either land on my feet or my head right now. And right after I got done thinking that, I landed on my feet, rolled, and get up, let me get up."

The biker got straight up after the incident. Credit: Clearwater Police Department.

As soon as he got up, Smith said he was concerned for the welfare of his bike - nicknamed "Lindsay Lohan".

Clearwater Police said the driver of the car was charged with making an illegal left turn, while Smith was apprehended for not wearing a helmet.The biker has now promised to buy a helmet ahead of his court appearance, perhaps realising he is running out of lives.