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Beach not smooth enough? Bizarre holidaymaker complaints revealed

Is your beach not smooth enough? Rollercoaster too scary?

These are just two of the most bizarre complaints made by holidaymakers to online travel company Opodo.

Other weird requests include asking what the best way of warding off vampires was.

Another customer wanted to take a plate of his mother's home-made roast dinner as hand luggage on a flight.

One customer wanted to know the best way to ward off vampires. Credit: Kai Pffaffenbach/Reuters

One customer asked if her cat could be upgraded from cargo to first class.

While one cheeky caller, claiming to be the Queen, asked for a free trip to Australia and threatened the staff member with treason if it was refused.

Another customer pretended to be the Queen and said she would try them for treason if she didn't get a free trip to Australia. Credit: PA

Other strange demands included:

  • A female customer complaining her holiday abroad was 'too hot,' the food 'too spicy,' and 'hardly anyone spoke English.'
  • The Brazil-bound holidaymaker who wanted to know if he needed a passport for his python snake which he wanted to reunite with its family in the Amazon
  • A love-lorn traveller asking for tips to get back with his girlfriend who dumped him after he thought he had booked them a trip to Rome in Italy but instead landed in Rome, Georgia in the US
  • A thrill-seeker who had booked a trip to Universal Studios in Florida requested a refund for his trip because the Incredible Hulk roller-coaster had been too scary;
  • A honeymooning couple asked for a full refund for their Maldives holiday as it had rained on one afternoon during their two-week trip and they had been told it would be "sunny day-in-day-out."