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How to fit your child's car seat properly

Young children who are not properly strapped are vulnerable to serious injury in a crash at 5mph. Photo: PA

A Good Morning Britain investigation has unveiled 80% of parents do not how to properly strap their child's car seat into their vehicle, putting the safety of their infant at risk.

In a collision at 30mph, an unrestrained child would hit the front seat - and anyone in it - with a force of between 30 to 60 times his or her own body weight.

Child safety company Good Egg Safety provided a helpful check list for parents who want to make sure their child is safely strapped in.

  • Fit your seat properly with professional help.
  • Seats will come with fitting instructions. Follow them. Do not improvise.
  • Make sure the seat is fitted firmly and securely.
  • Give the seat a shake at the base where the seat belt is - a properly installed seat will not move more than an inch.
  • Keep the fitting instructions in the car
  • Never fit a rear-facing seat in a car seat with an active airbag.
  • Make sure the adult seat belt passes through all the correct guides.
  • Never modify the seat or adult seat belt to make it fit.
  • Do not let the seat belt buckle or be bent over or rest on the child seat frame.
  • Recheck your seat before each journey