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Man honours drink-driving victim by offering drunk people free lifts

A man has honoured a drink-driving victim on the anniversary of his death by offering free lifts home to people out drinking.

Alex Sheen stood outside a bar in Ohio holding this sign on the anniversary of a fatal car crash. Credit: Imgur/bcisaidiwould

Alex Sheen, founder of the "because I said I would" movement, stood outside "the busiest bar" in his Ohio neighbourhood and held a sign offering free lifts in his car.

Bobbi (in the front seat) left a donation unbeknown to Alex Sheen. Credit: Imgur/bcisaidiwould

Mr Sheen wrote on the Imgur site, "The first group I picked up was a bachelorette party. I let them play their own music ... They were very nice and kept trying to tip me".

He decided to donate the money to Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Vincent Canzani. Credit: Imgur/bcisaidiwould

Although he would not accept payment, the girl in the passenger seat - called Bobbi - left $38 in the vehicle, which he donated to the charity Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Alex Sheen said this man he picked up 'claimed he helped create the We are the World remake music video' for Haiti. Credit: Imgur/bcisaidiwould

He made the gesture in honour of Vincent Canzani, who died on 22 June last year in a fatal car crash.

Alex Sheen said this couple had just become homeowners. Credit: Imgur/bcisaidiwould

In September, Matthew Cordle admitted causing the accident while drink-driving in a video posted on YouTube titled "I killed a man," which Mr Sheen filmed.

Cordle was jailed for six and a half years and suspended from driving for life.

Alex Sheen is responsible for Matthew Cordle's confession video that was posted on YouTube. Credit: Imgur/bcisaidiwould

"I wanted to spend last night doing what Matt would have done if he was a free man," Mr Sheen said. "Please make the promise never to drink and drive".