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Prince Harry spends a day with patients in Brasilia hospital

Prince Harry has met patients and doctors of one of the top rehabilitation hospitals in Brazil on the first day of his week-long trip to Brazil and Chile.

The hospital treats people with nerological problems. Credit: Chris Jackson/PA Wire

The fourth in line to the throne paddled his way around the lake in a three-man canoe as he learnt how the activity is used to help Brazilians with neurological conditions.

Prince Harry went on a canoe ride with a doctor and a patient. Credit: Chris Jackson/PA Wire

The prince was visiting the Brasilia branch of the Sarah network of rehabilitation hospitals which has 10 units across the country.

The hospital treats patients with brain injuries and other neurological problems.

Prince Harry chats to patients in the Rede Sarah Hospital. Credit: Chris Jackson/PA Wire

Neuroscientist Lucia Braga, the network's president, had taken the Prince on a tour of the facilities, where he met patients, their families and medical staff as well as watched some of the rehab activities.

Prince Harry enjoyed watching a game of wheelchair basketball. Credit: Chris Jackson/PA Wire

During his seven-day trip to Brazil and Chile, Harry is expected to carry out a range of engagements from visiting rain forests to paying tribute to the military achievements of both nations.

Prince Harry is visiting Brazil and Chile this week. Credit: Chris Jackson/PA Wire

The Prince is due to attend World Cup game between Cameroon and Brazil World Cup tonight.