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Six-fingered family hoping for Brazil's sixth World Cup title

The Silva family all have six-fingered hands. Credit: Reuters

Fourteen members of the same Brazilian family who all have six-fingered hands and six-toed feet say they are enjoying the extra attention as a result of the World Cup in their country.

The Silva family, who live on the outskirts of Brasilia, have a genetic condition known as polydactyly and are proud of their unusual extra digits.

Mother Ana Carolina Santos da Silva, an avid football fan, said she was hoping for the national team to become "hexacampeao" - the Brazilian term for six-time champions.

Joao de Assis, a member of the da Silva family with six relatives who all have six fingers on their hands. Credit: Reuters

Fourteen-year-old Joao de Assis said his superior dexterity gives him an advantage on his guitar's fretboard as well as on the football pitch.

Joao's favourite player is Brazilian striker Neymar but says his own best position is in goal thanks to his crucial extra fingertip.

Joao de Assis also has six toes on each foot. Credit: Reuters

His cousin, eight-year-old Maria Morena da Silva, said she was hoping to learn the piano because "it might be easier playing with six fingers."

Polydactyly is rare and often extra digits are removed shortly after birth.

In 2011 an Indian boy was born with ten toes on each foot and seven fingers on each hand, believed to be a world record.