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Spanish village holds annual devil-man baby jumping festival

The El Colacho devil-men wear red and yellow suits. Credit: Reuters

A Spanish village has held its annual baby jumping festival in which men dressed as the devil hurdle children under one year of age lying on mattresses in the street.

The celebrations in Castrillo de Murcia, near Burgos, northern Spain, date back to 1620 and are in honour of the Catholic feast of Corpus Christi.

Each mattress holds four or five babies. Credit: Reuters

The yellow-suited devil-men, known as El Colacho, leap over the babies in a ritual believed to protect the village's youth from evil spirits.

Some of the babies appeared relatively relaxed about the prospect of being hurdled by a devil-man.

Babies born within the last 12 months are volunteered to be cleansed of evil spirits. Credit: Reuters

Others, like the one on the right here, were more reluctant.

El Colacho athletes wear modern trainers to help clear the live hurdle. Credit: Reuters

This Lonely Planet video from 2010 shows the baby-jumping action in Murcia:

  • Babies' faces in this article are blurred to comply with Spanish law