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Jogger discovers kidnapped 8-month-old baby at side of Texas road

A jogger has described her shock after discovering an eight-month-old baby abandoned by the side of the road in Texas.

The jogger took this picture on discovering baby Genesis. Credit: Hong Nguyen/NBC News

Hong Nguyen, 34, was running in Houston when she heard the cries of a child.

After sifting through the nearby brush she found Genesis Haley, still strapped in her car seat in a field near the side of the road.

What Nguyen did not realise was that an alert had been raised by local police earlier that day, after a mother said her car was stolen from a petrol station with her child still inside.

Hong Nguyen rang 911 after making the shock discovery. Credit: Hong Nguyen/NBC News

Speaking to NBC News, Nguyen - a Vietnamese national visiting the US for five days - said the discovery was an especially fortunate one as the road she was on was "not very well travelled".

That's why I say I’m a lucky person to find the baby and give her back to her parents in good condition.

– Hong Nguyen

Houston Police said the mother had gone in to pay when the vehicle was driven away a matter of seconds later.

Genesis - who appeared to have been dumped by the thief - was found four hours later, apparently healthy, before reportedly being returned to her mother following a routine health check.

Officer Albert Pizana wrapped Genesis in police uniform upon retrieving her. Credit: Houston Police

Officer Albert Pizana, responding to the discovery, later told a news conference the incident "makes you wanna go home and hug your kids even tighter".

The young girl's mother provided a detailed description of the suspect, prompting a police sketch that they hope will help bring him to justice.

Houstin Police released this sketch of the suspect. Credit: Houston Police

The authorities also hailed Nguyen's actions - though she was quick to claim that she was "not the hero" of the story.