Cameron's problem was not asking enough questions

David Cameron faced several questions over the phone hacking trial. Photo: PA/PA Wire/Press Association Images

A very rowdy PMQs. Why do political leaders persist in calling each other 'weak' all the time? It is kind of pathetic.

Ed Miliband went for the jugular on hacking and the question of why David Cameron hired Andy Coulson after he had quit the News of the World.

He did well enough, but I am not sure the issue really has much traction with the public any more.

People were certainly upset by the hacking scandal, but in the sense that David Cameron sustained damage from hiring Andy Coulson, I suspect it was inflicted long ago.

I very much doubt it has much traction on the doorstep today.

Ed Miliband attacked the Prime Minister repeatedly about the decision to hire Andy Coulson. Credit: PA/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Only Ed's last attack really carried weight.

It is fair enough to want to give someone a second chance in life, but Mr Cameron's weakness on this issue is around exactly what questions he actually asked Andy Coulson about what had really gone on at the News of the World. Not many, is the general consensus.

And, on any analysis, that was a mistake.

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