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A few hundred pounds and a passport got Briton from Brighton seafront to the battlefront in Syria

Idealist and British, but here in Syria he has found a cause worth killing for.

Briton Amer Deghayes is following his dream of Jihad, but for Britain's security services that is a nightmare.

He fights for allies of al-Qaida who have put a gun in his hand and made him into a battle hardened warrior.

I came to Syria to answer the call of duty, and that is to the religion of Allah and the way to do that is to help the oppressed Syrians.

– Amer Deghayes

In a video by Vice News, Amer Deghayes he said: "We saw the enemy about five to 10 metres [away]."

The only thing I am afraid of is going back, or running away, or retreating.

– Amer Deghayes

He has been in Syria since November and two brothers have joined him. Jaffer just 16, and perhaps the youngest British Jihadist and Abdullah, 18 whose Syrian adventure end swiftly in blood.

His death was a sign of Martyrdom.

As he fell back, he laughed, and he smiled.

– Amer Deghayes
Amer Deghayes has been in Syria since November Credit: Vice News

The boys were all UK born, sons of Libyan exiles. Amer, who was brought up in Brighton, once aimed for a career in finance. It took just a few hundred pounds and a passport to get Amer from the seafront to the Battlefront in Syria.

Much more alarming from the point of view of the British authorities is the ease with which he went from an aspiring student to a gun-toting fighter in a foreign land.

Amer Deghayes in Brighton. Credit: ITV News

We showed the video to Amer's father, a veteran of the Libiyan uprising who himself has taken aid convoys to Syria. He said that is as far as he wanted his sons' involvement to go too. Abubakr Deghayes said: "I want my sons out of danger as a father. But the Muslim community has the right to support whoever they think it is justifiable to support."

Amer's family insists he poses no threat to the UK.

It is a claim unlikely to be tested because their son says it is better to die in Syria than to return to a British jail.