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Quiz: How much do you know about WW1?

British soldiers from the Royal Welch Fusiliers and the Cheshire Regiment in a Belgian town on their way to Mons in 1914. Credit: PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images

A survey suggests 18% of Brits think the First World War was a fight against Nazi Germany - but can you answer these questions?

1) During which war did British and German troops once mark Christmas Day by playing a game of football?

2) Which conflict was referred to as the Great War?

3) Which weapon made its first appearance in a British attack on September 15 at the Battle of the Somme?

4) Which were the first two countries to declare war in 1914?

5) Who assassinated the Archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand, on June 28 1914?

British soldiers negotiating a shell-cratered, Winter landscape along the River Somme in late 1916 after the close of the Allied offensive. Credit: PA Wire


1) First World War- The football played during the 'Christmas truce' across nomansland remains one of the most recognisable moments of the First World War.

2) First World War - The reason it was named the 'Great War' was because it was the first global war people had heard of. It wasn't until the second war began, that it was then referred to as the First World War.

3) Armoured tanks- On September 15, 36 tanks made a first attack at the Battle of the Somme during a British invasion.

4) Austria and Serbia- The Austrian-Hungary's declaration of war with Serbia was the first truly global war, which began on July 28 1914.

5) Gavrilo Princip- Franz Ferdinand was shot by the Bosnian Serb which is believed to have started the chain of events that led to the war.

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