Actress Amy Adams gives up her first class seat to a US soldier

Actress Amy Adams stunned an American soldier and his fellow passengers when she swapped her first class plane ticket for his seat in economy on a flight from Detroit to Los Angeles.

Amy Adams traded her first class plane ticket for a seat in coach Credit: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

American TV personality Jemele Hill was on the same flight as Ms Adams and tweeted about the actress' gesture.


Just saw actress Amy Adams do something incredibly classy. She gave her 1st class seat to an American soldier. I'm an even bigger fan now.

The five-time Oscar nominee then spent the five-hour flight in economy, where a fellow passenger, journalist Ernest Owens, snapped a selfie with her.


Told @insideedition why Amy Adams was classy for giving up her 1st class seat to the soldier sitting next to me! :)


The star's father was a US serviceman and she grew up living on US military bases.

“I didn't do it for attention for myself. I did it for attention for the Troops,” Adams later told Inside Edition after landing in Los Angeles.

The 39-year old actress was in Detroit filming "Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice".

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