Questions remain over 'disappearing dossier' at centre of Westminster paedophile ring claims

The Home Office ordered an internal inquiry into what happened to a dossier alleging a paedophile ring at Westminster. Credit: PA

Allegations of a paedophile ring at Westminster are deadly serious, so serious that last year the Home Office ordered an internal inquiry into what happened to a dossier handed in by the MP Geoffrey Dickens back in 1983.

It didn't publicise the inquiry but the summary of its findings were put on the Home Office website at the beginning of August.

That summary reveals:

  • 1) Mysteriously, the dossier had disappeared
  • 2) Action was taken to begin criminal inquiries over the contents of two letters in the dossier
  • 3) The Home Secretary at the time Sir Leon Brittan liaised with the Director of Public Prosecutions over the issue.
Former home secretary Leon Brittan.

We still have no idea who made the allegations or who at Westminster may have been involved.

But yesterday at the Home Affairs Select Committee, Sir Leon was challenged to explain his role in investigating the claims by the Labour MP Simon Danczuk, who investigated allegations against the late Rochdale MP Cyril Smith.

Today, Sir Leon issued a statement, saying that while he asked officials to "look carefully" at the allegations, he'd heard no more about them.

A few hours later, he clarified this saying - having been told about last year's Home Office inquiry - he could confirm "appropriate action and follow up happened."

Tonight, though, the questions remain. What action was taken and what follow-up happened?

We are still awaiting answers.

Watch Libby Wiener's report on the Westminster 'paedophile dossier':

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