Airport 'teething problems' as new security measures focus on shoes and electronics

The US will increase security measures at a number of overseas airports that have direct flights into the country. Credit: PA

On the first day of the new security measures, I spent the day watching how passengers coped. Each year 1.2 million start their transatlantic journey at Manchester Airport.

Here the new security measures brought queues up to an hour. Yet travellers appeared unfazed. "I feel less anxious knowing they are doing something behind the scenes to keep us safe," one told me.

Passengers may see additional inspections of shoes and electronics. There could be more use of scanners capable of detecting trace amounts of explosives and an extra stage of screening may take place at boarding gates.

This is nothing to do with American Independence Day tomorrow, there is no known specific plot, there has not even been a change to the overall official threat level. But seen and unseen by passengers, security has been stepped-up.

Most air travellers should not experience significant disruption according to a Government statement. And here airport managers say today's delays were only a "teething problem".