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Russian biker 'attack' ends in marriage proposal

You can imagine a girlfriend's horror when her boyfriend is "attacked" by a group of bikers during a fit of road rage.

Little did she know it was all part of a bizarre marriage proposal.

In the footage posted on YouTube, a man is seen pulling out in front of a pack of bikers on a busy road in Russia.

The apparently angry motorcyclists pull in front of the car in protest, before furiously shoving the man.

The man was repeatedly pushed onto the bonnet. Credit: YouTube

When her boyfriend is repeatedly pushed onto the bonnet of his car, his startled girlfriend gets out of the vehicle to reason with the bikers.

However the woman's horror soon turns to joy when her boyfriend gets down on one knee to propose.

To the woman's surprise, her boyfriend proposed during the hoax. Credit: YouTube
A biker offers the happy couple a bouquet of flowers. Credit: YouTube

The once "threatening" bikers then begin to applaud the happy couple, before revealing a bouquet of flowers to bring the elaborate episode to a close.