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Elizabeth Hurley issues tongue-in-cheek 'open apology to America'

Elizabeth Hurley has issued an unusual "open apology to America" for an advertising campaign that asks people to "imagine how great America could have been" if Britain had won the Revolutionary War.

With a hearty "Cheerio America," Hurley begins apologising to those who may have been offended by Newcastle Brown Ale's #IfWeWon campaign ahead of Independence Day on 4th July.

The YouTube video begins with the message, "An open apology to America". Credit: YouTube/Newcastle

Addressing complaints such as "terrible idea for an ad campaign in America," Hurley gives the message, "Sorry ... we're not sorry."

America, we are truly sorry that we're not sorry and we feel truly awful that we don't feel truly awful.

But what? Should we apologise for trying to bequeath your country with the gift of delightful British food, comedy, culture, funny hats and taxes?

Of course not America!

Stephen Merchant and Zachary Quinto have also appeared in adverts for the beer.

As Merchant laments Britain's loss and Quinto urges people to celebrate Independence Eve, which honours the Brits "that almost won the Revolutionary War".