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After a warmer than average June, how will July compare?

Temperatures have soared in London at the start of July. Credit: PA

By Becky Mantin - ITV Weather Presenter

The weather is a funny thing – as is our memory of it. To those considering building an ark due to the heavy rain that’s covering much of the country, the recent hot and sunny weather must seem but a distant memory. Meanwhile, the balmy conditions being enjoyed across the south-east feel like they’re never going to end. They will!

Even four days into a new month, June feels like a long time ago. But cast your mind back and you may at least remember some pretty decent temperatures. In fact, last month the UK enjoyed its warmest June since 2006 and it was in the top ten warmest Junes on record - stretching back over 100 years - with mean temperatures a little over 14C. Parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland went one better with mean temperatures that topped records dating back, in some cases, 140 years.

This continues a run of seven months where the UK mean temperature was warmer than average by at least one degree.

Will we be sunbathing for the rest of the month? Credit: PA

We certainly haven’t been short of rain so far this year – which is lucky as we had less than average levels of rain throughout June 2014 – but we've enjoyed near-normal amounts of sunshine. The best of it has been across south-west England and Wales.

So how do things fare as we move into July? Well, we’ve already enjoyed some warm, sunny, summery weather - albeit briefly for some. It could be a short-lived snippet of summer, with wet and windy conditions now covering much of the UK and slowly spreading south-east, reaching all parts by late evening.

Outbreaks of rain, heavy at times, will continue to move slowly southeastwards overnight tonight. Clearer conditions will follow into the northwest along with some scattered showers.Rain slowly clears eastwards tomorrow with sunshine and showers following in - some locally heavy with hail and thunder.

We have had no shortage of rain so far this year. Credit: PA

Temperatures will be near normal but noticeably fresher in the south-east and breezy for all.Conditions look set to stay unsettled with sunshine and showers early next week - again with the risk of some heavy, thundery downpours. A band of more persistent rain is likely to spread eastwards later on Monday and into Tuesday with further showers following.

However, from the latter part of next week, early indications point towards a more climatologically typical pattern for July. That is, with the most unsettled conditions generally towards the northwest of the UK, and the best of the drier and brighter weather to the south and east.

Temperatures should generally be near or just above average in the north and often at least slightly above average in the south.