Has anonymous street artist Banksy joined Twitter?

Banksy mural 'Spy Booth'
Banksy mural 'Spy Booth' Photo: PA

Mystery surrounds a new Twitter account claiming to be the anonymous street artist Banksy.

The account using the handle @CheltersBanksy posted a series of tweets about the artist's latest Spy Booth artwork earlier today.

The Twitter account appeared to join the debate on what should be done with the mural near GCHQ, home of the Government's spying network in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Banksy claimed responsibility for the piece last month but it was feared builders who turned up with scaffolding last week were set to remove it and sell it on.

Since then locals, including art dealers in the area, have pledged to raise £1million to save the artwork.

Tweeting this afternoon 'the artist' said:


Won't be here long. Just long enough to put my views over about what people are trying to do with my artwork. #CheltenhamBanksy


The point of the piece is #GCHQ and my contempt for their attempts to listen in on all aspects of our daily lives. #CheltenhamBanksy

The Twitter user said they disagreed with turning the Grade II listed building Spy Booth is on into a museum about spying saying it was "totally alien to the piece".


In an ideal world, it would stay in situ. Understand desire to sell, just wish recipient more community minded. #CheltenhamBanksy

The tweets said the account might say more tomorrow but for now was seriously annoyed "at the Tories trying to use it for electioneering".

They added:


I wouldn't want any political group using it for such a purpose but don't try and pretend you're doing it for "the people" #CheltenhamBanksy