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Mystery of crocodile in man-made lake

Locals blame the 6ft crocodile for missing lambs and ducks in the area. Photo: APTN

A 6ft crocodile has been spotted in a man-made lake on the Greek island of Crete.

Locals in the seaside town of Rethymno got a first glimpse of the rogue reptile last week but are baffled as to how it got there.

It is thought it may be an abandoned pet.

Local resident Nikistratos Charokopou said the presence of the crocodile could help explain the recent disappearance of lambs and ducks in the area.

Some souvenir shops have even starting stocking inflatable crocodiles.

But Mr Charokopou said people are scared of the thought of living so close to it.

"The locals are very upset because they are in danger. There are farm lands and properties nearby and people are afraid. There are rivers from which people draw water to irrigate their fields and they are afraid to visit their land," he said.

Authorities say they have fenced off the lake and will try and catch the crocodile on Thursday.