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Brazilian fans blame 'jinx' Sir Mick Jagger after humilating World Cup defeat

Superstitious Brazilians have blamed a Jagger "jinx" for their humiliating World Cup defeat at the hands of Germany.

Sir Mick - nicknamed 'pe frio' or 'cold feet' - has been mocked in the country, with some fans bearing cutouts of Jagger wearing other teams' shirts.

Brazil fans will be hoping Jagger backs Argentina tonight. Credit: Mike Egerton/PA Wire

The Rolling Stone has backed a number of teams that then crashed out of the tournament - often to crowds in countries he was performing.

And his appearance in the stands with his son during last night's game prompted panic among fans of the host nation, with one describing it "zica pura" - "pure jinx".

The pair's arrival to support the team in South Africa four years ago coincided with the side's exit from the tournament at the quarter finals, and has inspired jokes among supporters ever since.

Last night's mockery led the Brazilian mother of Jagger's 15-year-old son to post an impassioned defence of her former lover on Instagram.

In it, Luciana Gimenez called on Brazilians to stop the "cyber bullying" of the "good father" and the boy.

The message to Gimenez's 200,000 Instagram followers called for a stop to "cyber-bullying". Credit: Luciana Gimenez/Instagram

The moments that prompted the myth

  • In 2010, Jagger joined US president Bill Clinton to support the US side as they crashed out to Ghana in the second round.
Jagger and Clinton watch the 2010 World Cup second round match. Credit: Reuters
  • He also appeared at Brazil's 2010 quarter final defeat to the Netherlands, wearing the famous gold jersey.
  • During a May show in Lisbon, Jagger reportedly told fans the side would win the World Cup. They were eliminated in the group stages.
  • The singer was also said to have told fans in Rome that the team would beat Uruguay to progress to the second round. They lost 1-0 to depart at the group stages.
  • Perhaps most foolishly of all, he also backed England in their crunch tie against the Uruguayans last month.

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